Henry Meyer was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1948 and studied at the Johannesburg School of Art. In 1967 at age 18, he had his first of many solo exhibitions at Johannesburg’s Gallery 101. He was regarded as a gifted, innovative contributor to the 1960s South African art scene, and was a student of Bill Ainslie who played a significant role in his artistic development.

Henry Meyer also lived and worked in New York and Toronto. In 2009, the time of his sudden death, he resided in Toronto.


1967/68 Gallery 101 Johannesburg, S. Africa
1968 Walsh Marais Gallery, Durban, S. Africa
Kozmopolitan Gallery, New York
1969 The Art Museum, St. John’s Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada
1970 Kozmopolitan Gallery
Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg, S. Africa
1981 Artplan Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1982 70th Street Gallery, New York
1988 The Edge Gallery, Vancouver
1991 The Zack Gallery, Vancouver
1992 JCC Gallery, Denver, USA


1967 South African Graphics Tour of Canada
Cape Town Art Gallery
Kozmopolitan Gallery, New York
1968 Kozmopolitan Gallery
Museum of Modern Art, Junior Council Exhibit, New York
1969 Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg
Lidchi Art Gallery, Johannesburg
1970 Pollock Gallery, Toronto
Riverside Community Gallery, New York
Gallery Moos, Toronto
1987 Threshold Gallery, Vancouver


1969 The Edward MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire, USA
2009 Finalist, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship


The Art Museum, St. John’s Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada